Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Every now and then you have a good day in spite of yourself.

Today, we harvested 14,000 pounds of shrimp from a pond containing only 4800 cubic meters of water. That is about 2.2 kilograms of shrimp biomass per cubic meter of water.

That surpasses every harvest record for density in shrimp production, in the world.

And we only stocked it at 45% of what we know we can do. We know we can do 5 kg's per cubic meter of water. 

And these are big shrimp 38 grams and larger.

Funny, after a winter from hell, and only six months from losing Lori, we are achieving and surpassing the results we always thought we would. 

What a day. 

I am still not able to sleep. 

Back in July 2012 I wrote a blog about bad thoughts in the night and problems with sleeping, but who knew it would get even harder. I seldom sleep 4 hours a night these days.

A few things have raced through my brain today.

There are still some things in life worth paying extra for. 

And that can help me sleep.

Amarone wine. 

Look it up, twice the alcoholic content of other red wines. 

The top of the tier in wines from the Valpolicellca region, it is made from grapes that are dried for over a year. 

It is made in the Veneto region of north eastern Italy and arguably the region's and in my mind, the country's most prestigious wine. 

Cohiba cigars. 

I am not a smoker. Never even tried cigarettes, but now and then (especially when I am in a very hedonistic mood), I do turn to a good Cuban cigar. 

Just had two Cohiba's in TCI. 

I traveled to Cuba with a close friend in 2002.

In Cuba I tried about 15 different bands of Cuban cigars. 

Cohiba's are simply better. 

Not hype but just like a Porsche is better than a Corvette. 

I think  Cuban cigars are the best in the world. 

And Cohiba's are, in my opinion, the best of the best. 

I prefer Robusto's or Sligo IV's but they are all superior in my view to anything else out there and worth the cost.

Blanton's bourbon. 

Over priced and hard to find, it is simply the best bourbon in the world.

I will drink Woodford's or even Bookers, but Blanton's is worth the mark up. 


There is something about horses, all horses, that calms me down. 

When I am lucky enough these days to spend a few hours in a barn with horses, I always sleep well that night. 

You all know I have two horses. 

Well, Lori and I had two horses. Annie and Charm. 

I have had Charm since she was 6 months old. She turns 30 this year.

Looks good doesn't she?

Horses smell good, and they are comforting. 

The Jefferson Bible. 

Years ago, Thomas Jefferson decided to examine Christianity and his feelings about a deity. 

The result was the Jefferson Bible. 

Do yourself a favor, read it. 

It will inspire you at worse. 

At best, it will comfort you.

It is the perfect example of why we should never let "religion get in the way of God."

Lewis Carroll wrote one time, "I find I always give myself good advice, but I notice I often fail to follow it." 

Now that is true and funny and sad. 

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